What IS Nutrition? How to Stay Informed

In a literal sense, nutrition is the study of food intake in relation to the body’s needs. The foundation of nutrition is based on macro and micro nutrients that are necessary to maintain proper body function. However, nutrition isn’t all about the numbers – it’s about making better choices to support your continued good health.

As with any other discipline, the field of nutrition is constantly evolving. It’s important to understand that some of the things that we currently understand about food aren’t set in stone. Health is an emotional topic for many people and it can be a very polarizing subject. It can be hard to take a subjective look at issues that hit close to home, but it is vitally important.

For instance: There are some things that aren’t currently explained by science, but that doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Many organizations continue to ignore the overwhelming amount of scientific and anecdotal evidence that food additives like MSG and aspartame and artificial colourings like tartrazine cause real health issues.

Food is the one thing that every single individual on the planet must have several times a day, every day, so how can poor food choices not be a major factor in illness? On the other hand, there are things that are explained by science, but that doesn’t necessarily make them right.

5 Health Benefits of Making Stock from Scratch

Mostly out of convenience, we tend to purchase de-boned bits and pieces of animals rather than the whole part. Traditionally all of these “scrap” parts – bones, cartilage, necks, feet, organs, etc. – were combined with aromatic vegetables, herbs, and water and simmered until every last drop of flavour was extracted. You were left with an amazingly versatile and flavourful stock to be used for amultitude of cooking purposes, and prized for its health benefits.

I always encourage people to make their own stocks from scratch instead of resorting to the boxed or canned varieties. It is easier than you might think, but when it comes to making your own stock, proper technique makes a difference!

Why I Don’t Go for GMO’s

As a holistic nutritionist I imagine that my stance on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may be fairly obvious to you, however, I understand that everyone has a different perspective on the topic. I would encourage you to do your own informed research on the subject but in the meantime, here are just 3 reasons why I choose to stay away from GMOs (trust me, there are more, but that is for another day!)

Limited Diversity. Food manufacturers choose what types of produce go to market, and all of the GMO breeds that are selected have been chosen because they provide the greatest yield, size, uniformity of product, and ability to withstand transportation and temperature change.

10 Essential Tools to Keep a Healthy Kitchen

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